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Your Office As A Service

Your Office As A Service is Greenlight-Core the awesome collaboration platform made by the folks at Croquet and is way more than just a zoom meeting. This is the platfrom on which we are building the office of the twenty-first century.
Let us show you what is possible!
    YOAAS includes two example multi-user applications. They're crap,but they're good enough for demonstration purposes.
  1. The croquet multi-user version of the Chalculator can be accessed from there
  2. A total bit-hack of 2048, the completely unentertaining Cubes game can also be played from there.
    Its broken but it is an eerily attractive multi-user 3D game that does nothing.
  3. Do you have an idea for a multi-user web app you'd like to have developed for your multi-user online office? Send us an email

Welcome to the Microverse!

Croquet Microverse (beta) is a 3D multi-player world builder. This is the default demo out of the box.
There are several others:
  1. Pendulum
  2. Wall Street
  3. Tutorial
  4. Portals Demo

The Chalculator

Try out the Chalculator iOS version. Its an entertaining app of questionable utility - best of all its FREE

Download on the App Store

All new for iOS 16! Version 2 coming soon!
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