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"Better bits, better software" - John McKeon

Writing all kinds of crappy software that few people will rarely ever use.

Try our latest project Your Office As A Service (YOAAS™).
We've cloned the awesome collaboration platform greenlight-core made by the competent folks at Croquet and we are bringing it to the masses. Welcome to the new MySpace - YOUR SPACE!
Some of the apps that run inside it we wrote. They're crap,but they're good enough for demonstration purposes.
The web version of the Chalculator can be accessed from there, in all of its multi-user glory, for instance.
A total bit-hack of 2048, the completely unentertaining Cubes game can also be played from there. Its pretty broken but it was a good toy app to learn 3D game development using the three.js library. The best part? It too is multi-user - thanks croquet!!
Have a multi-user web app you'd like to have developed? Shoot us an email

Try out the Chalculator iOS version. Its an entertaining app of questionable utility - best of all its FREE

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