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Your Office As A Service

Your Office As A Service is Greenlight-Core the awesome collaboration platform made by the folks at Croquet and is way more than just a zoom meeting. This is the platfrom on which we are building the office of the twenty-first century.
Let us show you what is possible!
    Some of the apps that run inside it we wrote. They're crap,but they're good enough for demonstration purposes.
  1. The web version of the Chalculator can be accessed from there, in all of its multi-user glory, for instance.
  2. A total bit-hack of 2048, the completely unentertaining Cubes game
  3. can also be played from there. Its pretty broken but it is a good app to learn 3D game development using the three.js library. An earlier version was written in Python for the OpenQwaq platform. The best part? It too is multi-user - thanks croquet!!
  4. Do you have an idea for a multi-user web app you'd like to have developed for your multi-user online office? Send us an email

Welcome to the Microverse!

Croquet Microverse (beta) is a 3D multi-player world builder. This is the default demo out of the box.
There are several others:
  1. Pendulum
  2. Wall Street
  3. Tutorial
  4. Portals Demo

The Chalculator

Try out the Chalculator iOS version. Its an entertaining app of questionable utility - best of all its FREE

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